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Floor Conveyors

In cardan type conveyors, the cardan chain is determined according to the weight of the material to be transported or installed, and it moves within a certain track. On the carrier part of the cardan chain, there are a total of 8 bearings, 4 horizontal and 4 vertical. The bearings are produced without cover and with special tolerances for the conveyor. The conveyor’s path width is 200 mm and its multiples in BS32, BS40, and BS45 products. BS45 Heavy type cardan conveyor also has a 250 mm path width. The cardan tracks are produced as 3-meter straight tracks with special materials and appropriate tolerances.

Our cardan conveyor systems are protected by a TORQUE LIMITER attached to the drive unit or a SAFETY STOP SWITCH mounted on the unit frame in case of any jamming. The automatic lubrication unit lubricates all 8 bearings at each chain path simultaneously from 4 points. The system is designed to work in synchronization with a high-performance driver used in the control panel.


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