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The cardan conveyor drive unit is a component used to meet the energy needs of a conveyor system. This drive unit typically uses a motor such as an electric motor or hydraulic motor, and this motor moves the conveyor belt to transport loads.

The cardan conveyor drive unit requires lubrication to ensure proper operation of the conveyor system. Lubrication reduces friction between moving parts in the drive unit and prevents oxidation, ensuring the long-lasting and efficient operation of the drive unit. The lubrication process is usually carried out using automatic lubrication systems.

The cardan conveyor drive unit and lubrication are an important part of the conveyor system’s operation. Therefore, it is important to regularly check and maintain the cardan conveyor drive unit and lubrication in order to ensure efficient and problem-free operation of the conveyor system.


Details about the Product:

The drive unit of the cardan conveyor is capable of reaching the desired mt/dk speed, and the progress speed can be read from the meter on the panel in mt/dk levels. The Yılmaz Redüktör KR Series is coupled with a cone-toothed ELK Motor. The drive unit is equipped with top caterpillar chains. All of the caterpillar chain is made of materials with a hardness of 45-45 HRC. The torque limiter is a spring-loaded ball bearing. In cases of jamming, micro switches ensure the conveyor stops its movement and ensures safety by instantly rendering it useless. (The operating principle of our drive unit, which is patented by us, ensures that there is no wear in the contacts where the chain is located).


Product Details

The lubrication system is a four-point spray, air-oil mixture type, pulverized. When the chain completes a full rotation, it can lubricate all bearings on the horizontal and vertical axes. The brand is American-made PURGEX. The 4-liter oil capacity is housed in a transparent plastic tank with a level gauge and signal output. It also includes an electrical opening and closing valve and a low oil level signal output. It is suitable for 24V DC power. (The lubrication unit operates on 5 bar air and 220V electricity, reduced to 24V by a reducer.)


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